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life, teh universe and everything (i.e. 42) [Nov. 21st, 2005|05:01 pm]
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |Spring Heeled Jack - Zombina and the Skeletones]

Su's party was fun. have neck strain due to 'what is love!?' by hadaway.

english coursework has been dropped on me (metaphorically. literally would be painful) so i'm watching saving private ryan.

been playing on advance wars DS for a while now, mainly leveling up (whoever put an experience system into the game was a genius/madman).

had 5-lesson day (full) practically today. scared me.

aside from that very little, but always interested at teh prospect of DS online (PICTOCHAT > MSN)


seeyaz all later
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421 questions [Nov. 18th, 2005|06:17 pm]
[mood |nerdy]
[music |99 red balloons (punk) - goldfinger]

*double posts*
*catches fire*

meh, it's my journal.

found this on Marriland's livejournal and filled it in.
try it for yourself.

The longest survey you'll ever take.
(You don't need to answer any of these that you don't want to.)

1.What is your first name?

2.Who is the worst teacher at your school?
Mrs. Low. (still teaching me. Shhh)

3.Where do you want to live when you’re old and gray?
anywhere. And everywhere

4.When do you want to die?
about 1337 always sounded nice. Of course not dying would be better

5.Why is gas so expensive?
petrol. Petrol. Damn americans. And that’s prob. Why it’s so expensive too. You can blame anything on america if you think hard enough.

6.How do you make chicken parmesan?
with a chicken.

7.What is the number one thing you want to do before you die?

8.Who means the most to you?

9.Where would you hide a body? (if you had to hide one)
somewhere in the city. Then I could escape to the country.

10.When do you want to get married? (or do you? Or are you already?)
whenever’s good.

11.Why did Maine change the age to get your driver’s license to 17?

12.How many days old are you? (http://www.timeanddate.com/date/duration.html)
5,782days old.

13.What is the funnest thing you ever done?
went through a supermarket baskets only checkout WITHOUT A BASKET!

14.Who do you trust the most?
noone. Except you.

15.Where are you going to be in 5 years?
in university.

16.And what about 10?
sitting on some bags of money.

17.Why is that season called Fall?
it isn’t. It’s called autumn. (see Q.5)

18.How old were you when you got “the talk”? (Or have you got it yet?)
never got it and am unlikely to.

19.What do you think of the war in Iraq?
wtf? Iraq had nothing in there. Blair had his head up bush so that’s what you get.

20.Does it effect you personally?

21.What do you live for?

22.What makes you happy?

23.Do you think the world will ever end?
define world.

24.If so, when?
if you mean the earth, when the sun expands. If you mean the sense of home planet, no.

25.Do you have a car?

26.What do you think of global warming?
bad. Stop it.

27.Is peace really the answer?
yes. Or 42. depends on the question.

28.What’s your religion?
I was a taoist, but I found out that jesus didn’t belive in sin (ultimate evil) so I might be back to that.

29.What’s your favorite holiday?
the longest one. Whichever that is.
30.Do you eat meat?

31.If so, what is your favorite kind of meat? If not, what is your favorite kind of vegetarian food?

32.Where do you shop for clothes?
I don’t. damn parents.

33.Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks?
damn americans. (see Q5)

34.What’s your favorite kind of cheese?

35.Do rainbows make you happy?

36.If you see a rainbow, do you think of it as an omen?
? I suppose…

37.Subway or Quiznos?
subway. Merely because I ain’t heard of the other one. Damn americans. (see Q5)

38.Burger King or Mcdonalds?
neither. Mcdonald’s shakes are ok though I guess.

39.Do you like to push the cart at the grocery store?
haven’t been shopping recently, but I don’t mind.

40.How do you want to die?
not at all.

41.What’s the last book you read?
terry pratchett: science of the discworld 2. actually a philosophy book, not a science of.

42.What’s the last thing you ate?
food. Um, chocolate I guess.

43.Did you like the last thing you ate?
it’s chocolate. What’s not to like apart form the unhealthiness?

44.Who do you talk to most on the phone?

45.Do you believe in evolution?

46.If not, how do you think people were created?
I believe in evolution.

47.Have you ever been on a plane?
yeah. Dunno how many times, buit it was fun.

48.How about a train?
Yeah. Prefer it to buses too.

49.Do you exercise?
a touch.

50.If so, how often? If not, slap yourself…on the knee.
about 10 mins a day or so.

51.Have you ever been in a car accident?

52.Do you have a fetish? (If you do, what is it?)
yes. Email me if you really want to know.

53.What base have you got to?
baseball? Damn americans. (see Q5) I made a homerun once though.

54.Do you get along with your parents?

55.You got any brothers or sisters?
Yes, one sister.

56.Do you sing in the shower?
no, I sing everywhere else instead. I think in the shower.

57.Have you ever heard anyone having sex?
Not that I know of

58.If you said yes, Did it traumatize you? If you said no, be happy.
*is happy*

59.What were you for this Halloween?
vampire. Had my own top hat. ^__^

60.What’s your favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving?
damn americans. (see Q5)

61.What do you want for Christmas?
presents. I likeses surprises.

62.Have you ever kissed somebody on New Year’s? (you know, right when the ball drops)
not that I can think of. And what ball?

63.Do you have any tattoos?
Not that I know of.

64.If so, how many and what of? If not, what tattoo would you like to get?
I dunno. Summat generic.

65.Do you have any peircings?

66.If so, how many and where at?

67.Do you know what dumplings are?

68.How many toes do you have?

69.Have you ever met aliens?
depends on your definition of aliens.

70.What’s a good song to sway to?
californication – red hot chilli peppers.

71.Do you like swaying music?
I guess.

72.Have you ever been to a hippie fest/peace rally?
not that I know of.

73.If so, was it fun? If not, go to one!

74.Have you ever put tampons in a sink full of water just to watch them expand?
never got hold of any. I’ll try it if I do though.

75.Do you own a jump rope?
skipping rope. Damn americans (see Q5). Yes, somewhere.

76.What’s your favorite kind of pie?

77.Have you ever danced in the rain?
Yup. And sung too. Good for the soul.

78.Do you like broccoli?
strangely, only veg I do like….

79.….With cheese sauce on top?
0__o never tried, doesn’t sound healthy though.

80.I just ate a sammich. What do you think of that?
you spelt sandwich wrong. Assuming that’s what you tried to spell…

81.Have you ever got high?
on life.

82.You ever got drunk?
yes. Shhh.

83.Have you ever mowed the lawn?

84.If so, did you get paid? If not, go mow it!
not really.

85.What kind of internet do you have? (dial-up, dsl, cable, satellite)
some dialup. Getting BB at end of week. Bulldog 2-8meg. ^__^

86.Can you rap?
No, and I wouldn’t really want to. Except humerous. Comedy saves us all.

87.Can you sing?
somewhat. Operatically.

88.What turns you on?
as above, email me if you really wanna know ;)

89.Would you ever go streaking?
yes. If I found the right place.

90.Have you ever kissed a total stranger?
No, but I plan to meet my wife like that.

91.What’s the worst thing you have been dared to do? Did you do it?
can’t remember, but I likely did it.

92.Have you ever been scared to play DDR? (Dance Dance Revolution)
it’s kinda boring.

93.What’s the last song you heard?
I’ve got a brand new combine harvester – the wurzels.

94.Who’s the last person you hugged?
caitlin… ex-girlfriend 0__o

95.When did this hug occur?
some time at lunch.

96.Did you feel the love? <3
scarily, yes.

97.Why are all the planets getting closer to the sun?
love. The power of attraction.

98.What do you think the government is hiding at Area 51?
Alien Technology, duh. Damn americans. (see Q5)

99.Do cockroaches scare the hell out of you?
no. had one on my hand the other day. Kinda cute.

100.YAY! You made it to 100. What are you thinking right now?
something about the nature of true love.

101.Would you be willing to eat a bowl of live crickets for $40,000?
Yes. I’d do it for free if you washed them properly.

102.Do you plan to go to college? (Or have you already or are you in college now?)

103.Have you ever felt up someone of the same sex?
Not that I know of.

104.Do you enjoy going to the library and going to a porn site on all the computers then leaving?
I suspect I would. I locked out all the comps in an ICT room once.

105.Have you ever made yourself puke?
not that I know of.

106.Do you believe in Love?
I don‘t need to belive in it. It exists.

107.Do you own at least one flannel shirt?
I think so…

108.What is your favorite kind of sandwich?
chicken, cheese, tomato sauce, toasted. ^__^

109.Would you accept $10,000 to shave your head?

110.Have you ever tried to commit suicide?
Not that I know of.

111.If yes, why? If no, don’t ever do it. K? K.
fair dunkum.

112.Have you ever had a crush on a cousin?
I don’t even know If I have cousins.

113.Would you rather be rich and unhappy or poor and happy?
happiness is richness, duh

114.Do you judge people?
I guess.

115.Can you keep secrets?

116.Do you like grapes?
I guess…

117.Would you ever adopt a child?
Yes, I would.

118.Were you adopted?

119.Are you racist?
as if.

120.Are you prejudice?
yes. I think women drivers are better than men. And you phrased that question wrong btw.

121.Do you think the world would be a lot better if there were no governments?
not really.

122.What is one country that you would want to visit?
somwhere tropical.

123.Why that country?
the heat. Everything is portable these days anyways.

124.Do you fart in public?
on the occasion, who doesn’t?

125.Is this quiz awesome or what?
yeah. You’re a genius Mr.Inventor.

126.Is your name Bob?
No. but I’ll send this to someone who’s name IS bob.

127.Have you ever gone camping?

128.Do you enjoy skinny dipping?
haven’t done it yet, but I expect it to be fun.

129.Do you like walking out to the middle of no where just so you can scream?
I go middle of nowhere for the silence. I scream in public places.

130.Name one band that you like.

131.Have you ever stolen something from a friend?
Not that I know of

132.How many cds do you have?
I dunno. 70 or so? Never use ‘em.

133.Have you ever tried to run away from home?

134.If yes, how far did you get?
the door. Lol.

135.What age do you wish you were?
18 I guess.

136.Why did you pick that age?
all my friends are that age. I’ve been put up 2 years.

137.Have you ever tried to stuff yourself in a dryer?
No. can it be done?

138.If you said no, you should try it sometime. =D
will do.

139.Have you ever gone on a road trip?
no. sounds like fun.

140.If yes, where did you go? If no, where would you want to go on a road trip?

141.What’s your favorite radio station?
the one that plays all the old songs. Rock fm I think?

142.Do you think daylight savings time is stupid?
not particularly. Anymore than the rest of the human timekeeping method,

143.Do you own a television?

144.Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?
the cookie monster.

145.Do you like watching the show Survivor?
damn americans. (see Q5)

146.Have you ever painted a room?
yes. Mine. Cyan.

147.Are you waiting for something good to happen in your life?
it’s already happening

148.Do you live on a farm?
No. could be fun.

149.Have you ever rode a horse?
Not for long.

150.If you could invent one thing, what would it be?
time machine/cure for [insert deadly disease]

151.Do you want to change the world?
I will.

152.If yes, how? If no, hit yourself up side the head.
you’ll see ;)

153.Do you think we’ll ever find a cure for aids?
you’d think so.

154.Where is your favorite place to hang out?

155.Have you ever been to a family reunion?
yes. In indonesia 0__o

156.Have you ever won anything from a radio station?

157.What color or design is your bed spread?
blue. Dark and light on either side. Like me ;)

158.Did you pick out your bed spread?

159.Are you wearing underwear?
Yes. I think.

160.Have you ever worn a cape to school?
I wore a top hat. And tinsel.

161.How many times do you pee on an average day?

162.How many times do you crap on an average day?

163.If you found out your bf/gf/lover had aids would you break up with them?
no, they’d likely need me at that point.

164.What do you think of fake breasts?
they’re pretty american. But whatever.

165.Do you watch the discovery channel?
don’t have it.

166.Have you ever danced on a table?

167.Who do you live with?
My parents

168.What’s the last thing you bought?
a birthday present.

169.Do you have a job?
not really. Ebay trader I guess

170.When’s the last time you stepped outside your house?
a few minutes ago. Do breathe the air.

171.Do you enjoy lounging around in your pj’s all day?
I lounge in other clothes.

172.What’s the longest you’ve gone without taking a shower?
A week.

173.How much do you weigh?
no idea.

174.How tall are you?
no idea.

175.Have you ever jumped off swings?

176.Have you ever made fun of somebody?

177.Have you ever got a detention?

178.When’s the last time you were sad?
I dunno. A week ago?

179.When’s the last time you were happy?

180.When’s the last time you wanted to kill someone?
aside form george bush? Not for ages.

181.Do you like picking apples off trees and eating it right there?
never tried it. Might do it.

182.Have you ever shot a deer or a moose?
no. don’t even have a gun.

183.Do you have any phobias?
I guess. I don’t like exceedingly small spaces. Like being buried alive and such.

184.Do you like looking at things you can’t afford?
no more than things I can.

185.Have you ever played spin the bottle?
yes. 0__o

186.Do you like looking at the stars?

187.Do you believe in Santa?
you don’t need to believe. He exists.

188.Do you believe in magic?
you don’t need to believe. It exists.

189.Do you believe in God?
you don’t need to believe. God exists.

190.Does it tick you off that I asked you if you believe in God right after I asked you if you believed in magic?
No… should it?

191.Would you trade lives with someone if it was possible?
I don’t see why. Could be fun I guess.

192.Are you hyper right now?
I can be.

193.Have you ever written a poem?
Yes, several.

194.Have you ever written a story?
Yes, several.

195.Do you get good grades in school? (Or did you when you were in school?)
Yup. Got put up 2 years.

196.Are you home schooled?

197.What is your favorite month?

198.Do you have walkie-talkies?

199.Do you sleep with the fan on?
not that I know of.

200.Do you want to have kids?

201.If so, how many? If not, why don’t you want to have kids?
at least one male heir. Anything after that’s fine.

202.Have you ever felt an earthquake?
not that I know of.

203.Do you give poor people money?
occasionally. Less than I would if I actually had my own money.

204.Do you get allowance?
£2 a week.

205.Has anyone ever offered you money for sex or a sexual favor?
nopt that I know of.

206.What’s the grossest thing you have ever done?
I fell in asewer once. Don’t ask.

207.Have you ever played hide and go seek in the dark?

208.Have you ever been involved in a water balloon fight?
water gun fight. Close enough.

209.Have you ever climbed a tree?
Yes. Very liberating.

210.Do you know how to play poker?
Oh yeah. Decent at it too.

211.Have you ever tried to get high by eating nutmeg?
No. does that work? I might try that.

212.Can you do a cartwheel?
I think so.

213.Can you curl your tongue?

214.Can you touch your toes?

215.Have you ever given someone a lap dance?
not yet ;)

216.Have you ever received a lap dance?
not yet ;)

217.Do you like incense?
I guess.

218.Have you ever played strip poker?
no, but I’m decent so it’s an idea.

219.Do you own an x-box?
Nope. Might get 360 one day.

220.What about a PS2?

221.And a Gamecube?

222.Have you ever snorted a pixie stick?
not that I know of.

223.Have you ever done shrooms?
not that I know of.

224.What’s your favorite kind of chips?
you mean crisps? Damn americans. (see Q5) monster munch? Don’t really eat ‘em.

225.Have you ever gone fishing?

226.Do you think this quiz is way too long?
nopt particularly.

227.Are you going to finish it?
if it kills me.

228.Do you know how to play chess?
Yes. Rather good too.

229.Have you ever had a bon fire in your back yard?

230.Do you like the new car smell?
not particularly.

231.What have you had to eat today?
shredded wheat for breakfast, burger for lunch, chicken for dinner.

232.Do you have a memory box?
a what? If I get your meaning correctly, my entire room’s one.

233.Does it scare you that one day you could get Alzheimer’s?
I guess. If it was too early.

234.Have you ever got a runner’s high?
yup. Fun.

235.Have you ever rolled down a hill?

236.Have you ever played the game doctor in gym class?
what? Never heard of that one.

237.Do you think marriland is insane?

238.Have you ever been to rehab?

239.Have you ever questioned your own sanity?

240.Are you paranoid?
you’re not paranoid if they’re actually there.

241.Have you ever met someone in real life that you met on the internet first?
apparently I’m going to.

242.Do you think it would be fun to go to Mexico just to buy some cheap schwag?
I guess.

243.If it started raining gum drops and ice creams would you eat them?
after watching someone else doing it.

244.Have you ever done the “head shoulders knees and toes” dance?
ages ago. But yes.

245.Have you ever done the Macarena?
I think.

246.Have you ever pole danced?
not yet.

247.Do you watch Dirty Dancing over and over to try and learn to dance like that?
haven’t seen it. Apparently it’s terrible

248.Have you ever stuck a fork or anything electrical into an outlet?

249.Have you ever set up a lemonade stand outside your house?

250.Do you think fortune cookies are for real?
yes. I ate one… the prophecies… meh. I make my own future.

251.Do you own a Shania Twain cd or tape?
I found one the other day actually.

252.If you woke up in someone’s house and you had no idea how you got there would you raid their fridge?
after securing an exit point and a weapon, sure. Why not?

253.Have you ever donated your old clothes to Goodwill or The Salvation Army?
not that I know of.

254.Have you ever considered joining the army? (Or have you already?)
not my cup of tea.

255.Do you believe in ghosts?
yeah, why not?

256.What day of the week is it?

257.Do you forget things easily?
why did I do this?
Seriously? Not really.

258.Have you ever been grounded?
No. I get forced to go out of the house on occasions.

259.Do you like flowers?
of course.

260.Have you ever sold oregano to someone and claimed it was marijuana?
sounds like fun. Might try that.

261.Do you like real potatoes or instant potatoes?

262.Frozen peas or peas in the can?
not a fan of peas.

263.Green apples or red apples?

264.Pepsi or coke?

265.How long is your average shower?
40 minutes.

266.Do you play any instruments?
yes. Piano, guitar, etc.

267.Who do you look up to?
the sky. Anyone who’ll have me.

268.Do you know what a dough boy is?
apparently not.

269.Have some of these questions confused you?
no. have I confused you?

270.Have you ever danced around your house in your underwear?
no, but why not?

271.Does Paris Hilton tick you off?
not particularly.

272.What’s channel 368?
my TV only goes to 5.

273.Do you think there’s a heaven and hell?
be a shame if there was.

274.How many pairs of shoes do you own?
2. and one set of slippers.

275.What kind of shampoo do you use?
lynx I think…

276.What’s minimum wage where you are?
I dunno. For my age likely £4 or summat

277.Have you ever hung out under a bridge?
no. I might one day I suppose. If I can find one.

278.What do you think of those anti-drug commercials?
haven’t seen any.

279.Do you like playing with fire?

280.Do you think the diarrhea song is funny?
never heard it.

281.Have you seen those pepto bismal commercials?
no. any good?

282.Have you ever been homeless?
not that I know of.

283.Have you ever beat somebody up?
I nearly strangled a bully to death once.

284.Have you ever been beat up?
a bit. By some bully. Why I nearly strangled to death.

285.If you ended up in jail for whatever reason, who is the first person you would call?
parents im guess. Depends what for.

286.What direction does the sun set in?

287.Do you wear jewelry?
I only wear a watch.

288.Have you ever got high off spray paint?
never tried.

289.What do you think of stereotypes?
depends how vague/specific you go.

290.Do you take medication for any reason?
yes. Shhh. I’m serious.

291.Is you life goal to star in a porno?
no, but I guess it could be fun.

292.Do you recycle?

293.Why is it so important for our society to accomplish things?
because that’s life.

294.Are you afraid of death?

295.What do you think the meaning of life is?

296.What is your favorite animal?

297.Do you have a garden?
yup. In a bad way though

298.Would you kill an innocent person if it would end world hunger?
can I kill myself for that? I’d be innocent, surely.

299.If you accidentally got pregnant would you have an abortion or have the baby? (Or if your gf/wife/lover got pregnant would you want her to have an abortion or have the baby?)
support her whatever.

300.Name one fun thing you have done this month.
there’s so much choice. Went to an english class – funner than it sounds.

301.Sex before marriage or marriage before sex?

302.Have you ever smoked in the bathroom at school?
don’t smoke and there’s an established ‘smoker’s corner’

303.Have you ever cheated on a test?
Not that I know of.

304.Do you sleep naked?
during the summer.

305.Have you ever seen Stephen King’s house? (The one in Maine.)

306.Do you rip your pants on purpose?
0__o no…

307.Do you think safety pins are a clothing accessory?
never thought of it that way.

308.Do you watch soap operas?
no. I find ‘em kinda pointless. I live life not watch it.

309.If you had to choose only one thing to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?
I dunno. My medication?

310.Does algebra confuse you?
No. it’s the best bit of maths.

311.What is a number 5 at McDonald’s?
number 5 what?

312.Can you eat a whole whopper from Burger King?
I have on the occasion.

313.Do you own ski pants?
yes. Somewhere.

314.Are you obsessive compulsive?

315.Who is your best friend?
you. Yes you, who’s reading this.

316.Do you own a bike?

317.Do carnies scare the hell out of you?
not that I know of.

318.What’s the nicest thing someone has ever done for you?
I dunno, people are so kind.

319.When you go to someone else’s house do you take your shoes off?
if they ask me to.

320.Have you ever though of making macaroni and cheese but then you decided it would take too long so you made ramen noodles instead?
never made either.

321.Do you remember your dreams?
always. I’ve got an interesting recurring one.

322.Does the song “wake me up when September ends” make you sad?
to some extent. Green day can be a bit depressing.

323.Do you like Nirvana?
haven’t listened to them. I might.

324.You can tell I’m starting to run out of questions, can’t you?
not really.

325.Have you ever kicked a dude in the balls?
I may have done, but not remembered it.

326.Have you ever kicked a chick in her non-existent balls?
not that I know of.

327.How can you tell the good mushrooms from the bad?
I can’t.

328.Are you high maintenance?
don’t think so.

329.Do you take naps?
only when I’m sick.

330.Do you like to pretend you speak Spanish by saying things like el-nap-o and el-spaghetti?
no. but I dot eh french ‘le’ thing.

331.Have you ever played Mary had a little lamb with a phone? (65456665556666545666655654)
not all the way through.

332.Can you cook?
to some extent.
333.Have you ever seen a shooting star?
yup. ^__^

334.What kind of toothpaste do you use?
Colgate I think.

335.Do you wake up when you hear your name?
I suppose

336.How many hours on average do you sleep every night?

337.Is it nice outside?
dark, but yes.

338.What’s the temperature?
no idea,

339.Are you double jointed?
not that I know of.

340.Do cops scare you?
No. should they?

341.When you see a cop do you say things like “Watch out the po-po’s coming!” or “Pig Alert!” or “I smell bacon.”?

342.Have you ever wanted to go to a bar and ask for 1 bourbon, 1 scotch, and 1 beer?
No. but I could if you want.

343.Did you understand the last question?
I think so.

344.Do you often answer a question with a question?
yes. Do you?

345.Have you seen the movie 10 things I hate about you?
that’s the thing about the taming of the shrew modern innit?

346.If yes, did you like it? If no, go rent it.

347.Are you home alone a lot?
Not enough.

348.Does it make you said when people don’t leave a note so you have no idea where they are?
think mobile phone.

349.Have you ever hit your head on ice?
I think so.

350.Have you ever snuck into an abandoned building?
No. know any good ones?

351.How many meals do you usually eat a day?
breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper. Brunch if I feel like it.

352.Do you feel bad for the starving children in Ethiopia when you over eat?
not partiularly.

353.Vh1 or Mtv?
damn americans (see Q5)

354.Do you miss pop-up video?
what? American again I assume?

355.What’s the first thing you do when you get up?
dressing gown.

356.Beer or wine?

357.Vanilla or chocolate?

358.If you had your own tv show what would it be called?
Watch me.

359.Are you famous?
to an extent. I’ve been in the newspapers 3 or 4 times.

360.I’m hungry. Can I have some food? *puppy eyes*
puppy eyes? You can have dog food if you want.

361.Have you ever played in a big pile of saw dust?
no. sounds like fun.

362.Do your parents limit the time you have on the computer?
yes. Well, they think they do.

363.Does it tick you have because you have unlimited internet access?
I don’t. yet.

364.Do you know more about computers then your parents?
of course. Who doesn’t?

365.Do you have a website?
not yet.

366.What’s a good song?
the monster mash.

367.Are your eyes big?
not particularly.

368.Can you spend hours studying your veins and not get bored?
veins? I suppose.

369.Have you ever had a muscle spasm?
yeah. It was funny.

370.If you were starving would you give a dude head for some food?
should’t’ve thought so.

371.Is your last name Smith?
no. but I know someone who does, so I’ll pass it onto them if I have time

372.Are you sick of this quiz yet?
not really. It’s kinda quirky.

373.If your wife/husband/gf/bf/lover/partner was killed, could you go on living?
yes, to honour their memory.

374.Do you like the smell of marshmallows?

375.Have you ever shaved your head?

376.Does your hair go down to your butt?
Not that I know of.

377.Have you ever been to counseling/therapy/a shrink?
No. I plan to, for the fun of it.

378.Does the smell of old books make you happy?
a bit.

379.How many lighters do you have?
none that I know of.

380.Are you constantly questioning people’s motives?
not really.

381.Have you ever helped build a house/shed/garage?
No. I plan to thoguh.

382.Have you ever ate something with mold on it?

383.Do you think Green day sold out on the new album?
probably. Some of their earlier stuff was better.

384.Is your mom weird?
I guess.

385.Are you proud of the things you’ve accomplished up to this point?

386.Did you teach yourself to type?

387.Can you swallow pills?
not really.

388.How many teeth have you lost?
Only my baby teeth.

389.Do you want to be buried or cremated when you die?
Cremated prob.

390.Does Tina Turner’s hair scare you?
never seen it. But I’ll keep away. Thanks for teh tip.

391.Do you enjoy ice skating?

392.Have you ever got pulled over by a cop when you were on a bike?

393.Do you eat an apple a day?
yes. Sometimes 2.

394.Have you seen the movie Ice Age?
Yes. It was ok.

395.Have you ever found a feather on the ground and kept it?
Yes. I put it in my hat.

396.Have you ever found a four leaf clover?
yeah. Quite a few.

397.Do you think we’ve actually been to the moon?
sure. Why not?

398.Have you ever wanted a monkey for a pet?

399.Could you marry someone if you weren’t in love with them?

400.Have you heard of Dir En Gray?
heard of dorian gray, but not that.

401.Have you ever hacked into somebody else’s computer?
in a sense.

402.Have you ever been a teacher’s pet?
at some point.

403.Is your hair soft?
not at the mo.

404.Do you talk in your sleep?
I might do. Never found out.

405.Do you snore?
nupe. I think.

406.Who named you?
My parents as far as I know.

407.Do you like your name?
yes. Both of them. They’re both unique really.

408.Were you born in a hospital?
as far as I know.

409.Do you think that horses make a great source of transportation?
I guess.

410.Can you roller blade?

411.Do you want to be a stripper when you grow up?
Not really.

412.Have any of these questions made you uncomfortable?
not really.

413.Do you like the band Chicago?
never heard of them.

414.Is music a big part of your life?
not really.

415.Have you ever done Tai Chi?
kung fu.

416.Have you ever done Yoga?

417.Do you find it difficult to clear your mind?

418.Have you ever worn the opposite sex’s clothes to school?
Not yet.

419.Are you glad this is almost over?
no. keep it going!!!oneone11!

420.Do you find the number of questions in this quiz significant?
it has 42in it, so yes.

421. BONUS QUESTION! How long did it take you to complete this survey?
20:06-18:42 = one hour and 24 mins. Wow.
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Hammertime! [Nov. 18th, 2005|05:52 pm]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |you can't touch this - MC Hammer]

didn't wear a watch today.
wrote 'hammertime' there instead so that i could still reply to anyone asking me the time.

managed to split a piece of chewing gum in half WHILST CHEWING IT. try it some time, it's fun.

Su's 18th B'day today, and she seemed to enjoy herself. going to her party tomorrow. ^__^

life is good.
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wooyeah. gotta livejournal. [Nov. 16th, 2005|06:29 pm]
[mood |artistic]
[music |I've got a Brand New Combine Harvester-Wurzels]

wooyeah. go me. well, actually, if you're reading this, you'll likely have one too. so go you too.

um. well. today i had an english lesson. Which was strange if you don't know me. very little interesting things happened today, except for me getting this journal infact.

found tons of stuff from my old comp - I built my new one ^__^

Currently awaiting broadband. i'm getting teh sneaky feeling that my current provider's having trouble so i may switch at teh end of teh week if no change. :(

new word of teh day: wootmonger
new idea of teh day: jumping out infront of learner drivers and watching reactions.
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